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About – Doug Sturgeon

I’m a professional photographer born & raised in Toronto. I’ve been photographing people for over 20 years and I’m fascinated with photographing the human face. I’ve personally trained with the best headshot photographer in the world Peter Hurley from New York. I’m part of Peter Hurley’s Headshot crew which has thousands of members around the world.

When I’m not behind the camera, you’ll find me pounding the pavement training for my next triathlon. In 2012 I accomplished a huge personal achievement in competing & finishing Mont-Tremblant Ironman. I’m also an avid globe-trotter, having explored 50+ countries on all 7 continents.

My love of adventure and pursuit of excellence comes thru in everything I do. From trekking to Everest Base Camp to leading photos safaris in Africa to photographing unique people. My focus and passion for people drive’s my ambition to succeed.